25 of the Best Law Firm Websites

A great website is a powerful tool that can help you improve your law firm’s online presence. It can change a potential client’s perception of your firm, ultimately determining whether they hire you or the firm down the street. A well-designed website can also increase your client list and help establish your authority and expertise in your field. In this article, our web design team at Just Digital curated a list of the best law firm websites. Take a peak at the competition, or get inspired for your law firm website redesign!

Key Components of the Best Law Firm Websites

There are three key components that the best law firm websites always get right: branding, performance, and user experience.

BRANDING: Let your individuality shine through by consistently applying your brand colors, fonts, and chosen graphics (and of course, your logo!). Don’t hesitate to get professional help from a brand designer if you don’t already have a logo and brand guidelines to follow. Your brand is that intangible part of your company identity that makes your audience and clients feel a certain way about you – you want to get this right to make an excellent lasting impression!

PERFORMANCE: Your website’s performance can be boiled down to two main factors: speed and mobile responsiveness. Ensure your website loads quickly so that users don’t leave out of frustration (HINT: you can check your site speed on this site). Just as important is its responsiveness on mobile – your website should look and work just as great on someone’s phone as on their laptop.

USER EXPERIENCE: Finally, your website needs to be organized, easy to navigate, and uncluttered. If it’s professionally designed and attractive, that will also improve user experience, but at the very least, keep things clean and simple.

Now that we’ve established the basics of a great law firm website, it’s time to look at some inspiration and ideas.

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